Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

To Do

ninjababe is dragging me to her Gambit Wolverine movie tonight when she gets off work. Think of me! [g]

We're going to Yellowstone for a few days later in the week. Jen and Dave have a timeshare there this week and have invited us to join them. Since it's only eight hours from here, we're doing a long weekend thing. We'll either leave Wed. when Nin gets off work and go as far as SLC, or leave really early Thursday morning and do it in one hop. We'll stay in SLC Sunday night on the way home, and hopefully meet up with agilebrit if we don't get in ungodly late!

It's in the 90s here, and in Yellowstone, they're still getting snow showers! So I'm having to pull the winter boots and clothes I put into storage out. Need to try and get that done before dinner. Or I could always wait till tomorrow!

Can't wait to see wolves!! I love Yellowstone!
Tags: friends, ninjababe, travel

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