Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

So Forgetful

Totally had forgotten I'd posted that Ezra ficlet last night. Remembered when I was reading my comments inbox!

Have managed to write nearly 600 words of part four of the Yuma fic. If things go well, maybe I can actually finish it tonight.

ninjababe and I are going to the wedding reception of a coworker tomorrow. Very odd it is. She's been at her new job here for not even five months and has been invited to two social events. Back home in CA, she'd been there for several years and not one. People really are friendlier here, I guess. Which is what mum kept telling me.

Sparrow must think I'm the biggest sucker. It's 80+ in my room, and I'm trying to write, but I'm letting her sleep on my lap. Considering she weighs nearly 25 lbs, that's a lot of hot cat.
Tags: furballs, ninjababe, random fic stuff

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