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Meandering Fic Thoughts

Now that strangevisitor7 has started posting her current story, the cat's more or less out of the bag as far as Chris and Charlotte go. Her current story, Each Must Know His Part, is the reason I was writing Too Young For Heaven, so she could post hers. However, I'm really stop and go at writing these days, and it didn't seem fair to hold up her story because I'm a slacker :)

Back when I started writing Highlander stories with my character Charlotte Sparrow, I'd never even seen Magnificent Seven. About my only familiarity with it was via strangevisitor7's terrific SPN/M7 xover, 'Ghost Town'. I was writing a Highlander story, I Am Going To The West, and the flashbacks were set in 1866 New Mexico. One thing led to another, and Casey asked if she could borrow Charlotte for an M7 fic. She briefly outlined her idea (and boy was that original premise night and day from what she actually ended up writing!) (you should get her to tell you about it!)and I said sure, go for it! Well, one story begot a sequel, and during it all I finally got the DVDs and was hooked. Enough so that I totally reconstructed my Echoes the Sea series to incorporate Ezra into Charlotte's history.

Now 'West' was supposed to end with Methos leaving, lots of bad stuff happening, a fire that burns down Charlotte's ranch house and her deciding to move the family to California. Well, best laid plans and all that. So now Casey's writing these stories, and she's getting comments about the possibility of a Chris/Charlotte pairing. Which surprises me since it never occurred to me! My character is being shipped! But I'm having none of it! Casey and I emailed extensively on the subject. No! I had plans! Plans that did not include Mr. Larabee. But finally I compromised; they could have a brief affair after the fire just before she leaves. But she was still leaving, damnit! But Casey and her readers are evol incarnate. Eventually I caved and not only was she staying, there would be no fire, and eventually, they'd get married. If I remember correctly, I informed Casey of my capitulation by writing a snippet and sending it to her. Which I suppose I should post now. I'd intended to incorporate it into a larger fic, but who knows if that will happen.

So the moral of the story? I'm a pushover! And that readers really can influence a writer's best intentions, not to mention, wear down her resistance. If not for those commenters, Charlotte would be in California by now!

Yes, I will finish 'Heaven' soon, I hope, so you can see how C&C got from that dark place to the happy couple they are in the current story. And eventually, I will go back to 'West'. It's suffered because of the total revision/reboot I had to do on it when Ezra became a part of Charlotte's life. and the fact I had to totally rethink how it was going to end now my big fire was gone. I've really torn my hair out trying to reinvent it. And yes, catyuy, I swear that you'll know why Methos left by the end of it all. Actually, you'll probably know at the end of 'Heaven' due to all the rebooting going on [g]

I think I'll work on completing the the 3:10 To Yuma fic, which has gotten longer since Vin has walked into the story from out of left field. But first, I need to finish the beta for Casey as she's actually almost done! I wish I could get that kind of writing going. It's been a while though.
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