Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


So my mum keeps the house way too hot for me, so I have these magnetic covers I put over the overhead vents since I'm right near the furnace and even with the vents closed, heat comes through the registers. I'd taken them off a few days back since it had gotten really hot and we had the AC on. Of course, this morning, mum had the furnace on again, and I roasted. So I was just replacing the magnetic covers so I won't have the same thing happen in the morning. I didn't attach it properly, and it fell, slitting the area under my eye open. Now it's swelling, and it hurts and it's bleeding. I know, I'm lucky it didn't cut my eyeball, but it still hurts!

I'm a walking accident zone.

Can I have something nice happen soonish?
Tags: ranty mcrant

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