Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Writer's Block: Celebrating Friendships

Over the past ten years, many friendships have started and/or been renewed on LiveJournal. Of your current LJ friends, who have you known the longest?

Let's see... the Forever Knight 1996 group :) This group of gals i've been in constant contact with over the last decade plus:

ninjababe, aka_arduinna, yarrow_blue, otterevil, miyeko, and lilliew.

Me, aka_arduinna, yarrow_blue, and otterevil all went on holiday to Cape Cod in November back in 97? I'm pretty sure it was 97 [g] aka_arduinna is a bed creeper! And yarrow_blue papooses.

After that group, probably conjured_1, who I knew way back when, then we lost track of each other, only to be reunited by strangevisitor7 last year. Ain't the internet grand?
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