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Yesterday's project was redoing my fic tags, and LJ does not make it easy to do bulk tag changing. They need a merge function! And I need to remember to read over my tags more often, because I come across ones I forgot I used before, so end up with several tags for pretty much the same subject.

We were up past 3am watching RotK, and I went to sleep all stuffed up from crying. you'd think as many times as I've read the books and seen the movies, the end wouldn't still turn me into a weeping puddle. But it does.

Waiting for Nin to get up so we can decide what we're doing today. I'm thinking building shelves, giving the dog a much needed bath, and weedwhaking my back patio area. Hopefully, in the early part of the evening we can take the bikes out for a spin.

Must do a TV post soonish. Realized I haven't talked about Chuck and Friday Night Lights, both of which were great.

Oh, and speaking of TV, see my new default icon of Adam Cartwright? It was made for me by the very sweet and talented bookaddict43. She made me four, and they're all awesome! Thank you!
Tags: chuck, friday night lights, just stuff, lj stuff, middle earth, ninjababe

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