Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

More Icons

bookaddict43 asked about these icons....


I just liked the whimsy of a cute kitteh and 'dangerous'. I don't usually put text on icons,
but this is a rare exception.


Pepper Potts near the end of Iron Man looking up at Tony. I love Pepper, so needed her in some icons.


From a set of otter icons I made for my friend otterevil


I love Japanese art, and have lots of Japanese art icons. This one is actually a piece of Chinese charcoal art that I coloured. I did a few versions with different crops and colours, but this is the one I use.


One of my Mag 7 icons. I tend to use this for mood or flavour, especially when I'm posting my crossover fic to comms that aren't from the M7 side if the fic :)
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