Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Stories I Need To Write One Day

I have this mental list of stories I really want to write one day. I know they happened, but actually getting them on the page? That would be cool!

A sequel to Charitable Impulses -- Tony and Ezra play a poker game where the stakes are pie.

Charlotte takes seventy year old Timothy, her adopted son, back to New Mexico to be with his sister Jemma. We meet the grandson of Nathan, a doctor, and an elderly Vin Tanner. The aftermath leads to dark times for Charlotte.

The sequel to Practical Applications where Tony finds out about Immortals.

The fallout from I Remember You Not Fondly. Methos and Triona go back to Earth and Triona tries to deal with what happened with the Mirror Universe Methos.

A story where Methos and Emily finally meet again after the great San Fransisco earthquake of 2063. The story that follows Live To Tell.

Lucia's fate after Monsters.

Triona fighting her way back to sanity after Broken Window.

Methos heads out to find Triona after First Contact, a followup to Cock Eyed Optimist.

Methos and Amanda go to Calico in search of her locket. A sequel to Life Is Short.

Charlotte finds Maude at the time of her First Death and takes her on as a student.

Anything I'm missing? Or that I don't know you want?
Tags: random fic stuff

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