Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Bits and Pieces

'Castle' is great! Of course, it has Nathan Fillion, and I like it, so it'll be canceled in short order. But it's bright, and fun, and sassy, and I recommend checking it out.

'Chopping Block' - I think this is a remake of the UK series, 'Last Restaurant Standing', which I enjoyed. Will watch this again.

Craig Ferguson! I'd forgotten how much I love him till we caught the end of his show tonight.

Got my tortilla press today. I made tortillas last week using a rolling pin, and liked the way they tasted enough to want to make them more often, but quicker! And my father hasn't stopped raving about them.

Me, mum, and Nin went shopping today. I needed to replace the curtains in my room that Pippin and Tuppence ruined, and I scored! Seafoam green crushed velvet panels on super clearance for $9 a piece! We went to Kohl's and we got some summer tops -- something we had no need of in Monterey. Then got my brother's BD gift, which is stashed now in the back of the Jimmy since we had no place to hide it from him.

Mum's off again tomorrow, so will try and go walking with her down to the river. Really trying to get into the habit of going out and walking a few times during the week. I need to get a wide brimmed hat.
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