Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

The Nook

My computer nook is much more organized now thanks to my brother. He put in another shelf, and moved the computer and UPS to the back behind the monitor. And now my new speakers are on left and right instead of both being to the left of me. Much nicer! I should take a photo so y'all can see it.

We haven't made final plans, but I think ninjababe and I are going to make our overnight mini break to Salt Lake City weekend after next. It's only four hours from here. That way, we can go to a real mall and get Nin some work clothes, and more importantly, visit with agilebrit! We haven't met in RL yet [g]

My poor curtains :( I had to wash them. They're dry clean only, but two of the older male cats kept wetting on them and I couldn't get rid of the smell without a good wash. so, of course, they shrunk and the lining didn't, so they look all crooked and pathetic now. But at least they don't stink! I guess I'm going to have to keep my door closed and just let the non widdly kitties in and out.
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