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Sentence Me

Seen all over: Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

(Yes, some are longer than a sentence, but dialogue should stay in one piece [g])

~ Waving a negligent hand, he replied, “And yet here you are. Really, Doctor, you must learn to let these things go. It is not good for your health to dwell on the past.”

~ "Think Amanda, but with fewer moral qualms, an ace up her sleeve, and a Derringer in her garter," Methos instructed the other man. "Lovely woman." The sarcasm could have been cut with a knife.

~ He looked at her a little suspiciously, but continued with his story. “It’s almost like a shard of ice, and when you put it your mouth, it reacts to the saliva and dissolves into a vapour that’s absorbed through the skin! Bloody amazing!”

~ Laughing softly, he replied, "If I were your father, I'd be locking you in your room and fetching a shotgun and a minister."

~ “Reebar swizzle sticks not withstanding, massive blood loss takes the longest to recover from for one of us. Any dizziness?” His lips twisted with grim amusement as she nodded. “You need to be careful. If you faint, I won’t be able to keep my minions from swooping down on you.”

~ “Erotica, love, erotica,” he corrected in lofty tone before pouring more scotch into his glass, grinning unrepentantly.
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