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Highlander Discussion Notes

Tomorrow will be the last of the Methos episodes up for discussion: To Be/Not to Be. I want to take a moment to thank all of you who have made this so much fun! I had no freakin' klew that so many of you would participate, so thank you! I've had a blast! And thanks to enchantersnight. She was the reason this all happened. I know Alison from my House M.D. list, and she read a fic that I wrote that crossed Highlander with Grey's Anatomy (hey, Methos needed a place to be a doctor, so it made sense at the time!). It also had a special guest appearance by House, which is why she actually heard about it to begin with. Then she started asking for more information on Methos, then she started watching episodes, and more questions, and then made the comment that it would be fun to discuss the episodes. I had recently started this LJ, and had the freakish thought that we could discuss them here. Nineteen posts later... Moral: never make comments in passing to me, as I tend to take them seriously [g]

The future! Next up will be episodes from Season One, and which ones depends on what you want to discuss. So, for that reason, there's a poll here for you to indicate your preferences. If you haven't already, please take a moment to indicate your favourite S1 episodes. The poll will be open through next weekend. Then I'll post the final list, and then we'll start a new round of discussions, if you're all willing.

Thanks again!

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