Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

M7 Episode Discussions

So looks like we're doing it :)

How about we start next Wednesday with the pilot?

And, since it might be fun, I've compiled a list of stats to go with each episode. There's lots of things that appear in fic that are mostly fanon, so I've included some of those so we can pick out the times those things actually occur [g]

What I have so far:

Number of times Chris laughs:
Colour of Ezra's coat:
Number of appearances by the 'Serape of Doom':
Times Ezra uses someone's first name:
Josiah 'son' & 'brother' count:
Times Chris isn't dressed all in black:
Times Vin eats:
Appearances of the 'magic sling':

Anything I should add?
Tags: mag7 discussion
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