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I hear there's some sort of big football game today [g]

I got my tea order in, opened the box, and there was no tea! Just a packing slip and some peanuts.

Islay is no longer an outdoor kitty. Yesterday, due to various cat activities, we realized she's in heat, she hasn't been spayed and we could end up with kittens. So we decided to snag her and take her to the vet this week. Skye, her sister, still won't let us get near enough to barely do more than touch her, so she'll have to be the next project. Anyway, this morning, at crack o dawn when I put food out for them, Islay was curled up on the doormat, waiting for me. Then, when I got up for real, as I started to open the curtains, I heard this plaintive crying, and there she was. I opened the door and she practically leapt into my arms. I'm such a sucker. I just could not bear to put her out again. So she's now happily curled up on the sofa in the garage. After she's seen the vet, we'll see about integrating her into the kitty commune here in the house.

Random amusing M7 sorta thing: the county prison here is in the town of Purgatory.

Need to wash/change linens today and make batch of baked potato soup. Tomorrow, we get the truck registered here and get a bank account. Then lunch at Cracker Barrel!! Whoo! Haven't been since we got here. Very strange living someplace with one. We don't have them in CA.

Is very windy today. Still have not found my camera. Keep trying to use my mum's but it keeps saying we need to change the batteries, and every time I do, it still says it. will try again today.

So what's up with y'all?
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, furballs, random
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