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Another day of cleaning and moving stuff around and doing all the tedious things related to moving, like changing all my addresses. I still feel like I'm just visiting despite it all. It's very weird to not have a job to go to. I suppose it will all settle down eventually.

Let's see... what news to share...

Well, the internet here is screamingly faster than in Monterey, so that's been nice.

My new phone number belonged to a guy who owes a ton of creditors, so I have to unplug my phone at night so that I'm not woken up at the crack of dawn by said creditors calling.

I have two new kitties. The people in the house behind moved and just abandoned their cats. One is a beautiful Himalayan or something similar with aquamarine eyes, and the other is a short hair, black and white like a Paint horse. I've named them Islay and Skye. Islay is the Himalayan and she's loves to be cuddled and petted, but Skye is timid and won't let me pet her yet.

My brother's getting me a 22 inch LCD computer monitor, which will make it bigger than my TV!

I'm always too warm here. The dry climate is keeping me in my Monterey spring clothes even thought it's 20 odd degrees colder here. I have all the heat vents but one closed in my room.

Nin and I are going to go to Zion on Sat.

Oh, and truck repairs! Remember the nearly $2000 it was going to cost in Monterey? $518 here, all fixed yesterday. How awesome is that?

So, time for me to make dinner and go fetch a glass of wine!
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