Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Checking In

We won't have broadband set up till Wed., so still dealing with dialup and using my brother's computer, but wanted to pop in and let you all know we're alive. Nin's first day at the new job starts in about an hour, and I'm waiting for the Dish Network guy to show up to install our TV service. I miss the INTERNETZ!! I find I miss the internet more than TV.

Oh, and strangevisitor7, you'll like this -- my brother saw my M7 DVDs and said, 'I dind't know you watched that.' Turns out he loved the show when it was on originally, so we've started watching the eps again with him.

It's been great having my kittie cats back, and Norrington now pretty much runs the house.

So, have I missed anything? I'm pretty sure I won't catchup with the time I've been gone, so fill me in!

Oh, and Nin says 'HI!!'
Tags: now about me
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