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I Ain't Afraid of No Ghosts

Just came across the last half of Ghostbusters on some movie channel. I always forget how much fun it is. And it still makes me think "summer movie".

What movies make you think 'summer'?

Top Gun
Raiders of the Lost Ark
Wrath of Khan

All movies from when I was much younger and actually went to the movies a lot [g] Why no "Star Wars"? Because I didn't get to see it till the fall of 1977. We moved back to Canada, and I finally convinced my mum to let me see it because it was only rated G there.

And speaking of summer movies! A week today till Dead Men's Chest comes out! And till then, there's a series of shorts and trailers here. The shorts are awesome! Jack is quite Methos-like in some of the clips, though that isn't surprising as he as always has shades of that for me from the first time I saw PotC. and there's a very funny line about 'his only love being the sea'. [weg]

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