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Sharing A Universe

You know, if strangevisitor7 and I took all the emails we send back and forth about plot points and what does this character know about that character, and planned/potential stories, we'd have a novel! Well, we already have a spreadsheet [g] I created one for my Bloodties series years ago to keep track of 500 years of immortal storyline, and once I realized how complex what Casey and I were doing was getting, I decided to start off with one for our shared universe. So it has dates and stories that have been written, along with ones we're thinking of writing, along with things we know happened but might not ever be in a story. It's just stuff that's good to know for character motivations. Like I know that Charlotte took Ezra and Maude to London when he was thirteenish and while there, visited Rebecca. May never write it, but I know it happened. And I know that Ezra was the one who introduced Charlotte to Tony Stark at that party in France. Though I've always wanted to write a story with Rebecca, so maybe that one will happen. But you get the idea!

Today, I needed to know what Ezra told the guys about Maude after the end of 'The Truth Is Immortal' so I don't have Charlotte stepping all over it in the story I'm writing that's set a month later. As I told Casey, we'll have better continuity than most TV shows do! I think we have their lives plotted out till about 1928 at this point, and pick them up again around 2002.
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