Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

That Was A Surprise

My lovely Christmas Cactus wasn't actually pining for the fjords -- it was dead :( (What? You thought this was going to be a post about the new Doctor?) I was working on cleaning up the patio yesterday and got covered in cobwebs and mud and crud. And I'm trying to decide on what plants to try and take. I had this massive Xmas Cactus that just would come out in masses of bloom. It's been looking peaked, and when I moved it, found out it had actually rotted away at the base. Bummer.

I've gotten a lot more packing done, waiting on another box shipment to come in. We're also eating almost soley out of the freezer this week. Want to try and use up as much as I can. Tonight we're using up the chicken thighs by making a chicken dish with a Calvados and apple cream sauce. As soon as my tea steeps, I'm going to start at packing again.

On the writing front, I have two complete stories to post once strangevisitor7 finishes posting The Truth Is Immortal (which is mucho gusto and you should go read!) Hopefully, people will like this attempt at M7 better than the last one. I promise, no children this time! Just grownups. I'm hoping once the move is over, I'll start writing as much as I used to [knock wood]
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, now about me, random fic stuff

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