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2008 Fiction Recap

After looking at the list, I guess I wrote more than I thought.

So this was the year of two shiny new fandoms for me! In the spring, I became obsessed with Iron Man -- mildly [cough] And that was followed later in the year by Magnificent Seven. How did I fall so totally in love with a ten-year-old show? I have no answer for that one. And along the way, I managed to merge my two new favourite fandoms with my beloved old Highlander fandom, and it was good! And I think it's a mixture you may see a lot of in 2009 - sorry 'bout that.

  • ::So Close::
  • ::Live To Tell::
  • ::He's a Pirate::
  • ::Gone Fishing::
  • ::Of Ninjas & High Heels::
  • ::I Am Going To The West::
  • ::Addiction::
  • ::Practical Applications::
  • ::Real Friends Buy You In-N-Out::
  • ::Tequila Lullaby::
  • ::Art Appreciation::
  • ::Black Isn't My Colour::
  • ::The Currency of Trust::
  • ::My Guardian Dear::
  • ::Four Words::
  • ::At The Edge Of Heaven:
  • ::Charitable Impulses::
  • ::Family Matters::
  • ::A Quarter for Your Shoe::

  • And yes, I'm lazy, so it's just a list, doesn't have all the Q&A bits everyone is doing. But if you want to ask me one of those questions in the comments, I'll answer. How that for a lazy compromise?

    I really am going to try and write the sequel to Practical Applications this year, for those who have asked. Hey, I want to see what happens when Charlotte tells Methos about Tony too! Not to mention that whole going to Afghanistan thing.

    Thanks to every single one of you who reads, and special thanks to those who take the time to comment! I appreciate every one of them. Y'all are the best readers a gal could have :)
    Tags: fiction: yearly recap, random fic stuff

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