Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Mag Seven Fic & Delicious

I've finally been making use of my delicious account (aka_arduinna will be so pleased!) now that I've become addicted to Magnificent Seven fic. And since a few people have asked me for my list, I realized I needed to go back and add notes. I'd started off with notes, but got lazy and stopped, so over the last few days, I've been trying to get everything all organized.

If you're interested, mine is at: and the tag is mag7_fic. I've at least tried to include basic info like Old West, or ATF, and some get even more info like characters, summary, and angst level [g]

And if you have an M7 fic you'd like to rec me, please feel free! Either via comments here, or the delicious network. Gen or het, or hettish gen -- or vice versa :) AUs are cool too, as long as they're not kiddie AUs. Those just aren't my cup of tea, I'm afraid. Extra points for Ezra-centric fic will always be given! And Ezra-centric adult fic will make you my forever hero!
Tags: fic: magnificent seven, mag7, random fic stuff
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