Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Nice Start

We got to come home at 1pm, though I stayed till 2 since ninjababe was out running errands at the time. After she picked me up, we went to the Ventana tasting room to get our wine club selections for the month, and to get wine for Thanksgiving. They told us to come back tomorrow since they're open till 3pm because Nin couldn't do a tasting since she was heading off to work. We just might do that! We're not having Thanksgiving tomorrow, and for once, she's off with me, so it's a thought. We're actually having quesadillas and margaritas for dinner tomorrow.

We both work Friday, and then on Sat., we're heading to tequilajen and Dave's for a three day weekend. I'm going to cook a turkey there on Sunday, Nin's going to make cheesecake for dessert, and Jen's making pumpkin soup. Plus she's stuffing with much other food over the course of the weekend. We'll finish off watching the Mag 7 eps we didn't get to when they visited last too.

Nin's working till midnight, so I'm sitting here with a pot of tea and fic and reloading my LJ inbox every few minutes. How happy I'll be when they get the email mess sorted! I'm pondering putting a movie on, maybe one of the PotC ones.
Tags: friends

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