Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Becoming Your Childhood

I've become Miss Young.

My father was resident manager of a hotel when I was growing up (This Hotel), and we lived there from the time I was seven till I was fourteen. In the back office, Miss Young was the office manager. Since my father had worked there from the time I was two, I knew her my entire childhood. She had never married, and even lived on property. She must have been the age I am now when I was little. My boss just came back from picking up his oldest, who started ninth grade this year. He's taller than I am now, and I've known him since before he was born [g] I just realized I have become Miss Young. I wonder if he'll look back when he's my age and wonder about the odd spinster lady that used to work for his father? When I envisioned my life at his age, I certainly never saw myself becoming Miss Young, but looks like it happened anyway.

It's just one of those odd things that happen that make you all contemplative. And feel old.
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