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I don't think anyone will mind me not doing a con report. I'm just so bad at them, and ninjababe's going to do one and since we were together 99% of the time, that should suffice [g] So I'll stick with my usual 'bullet point' report instead.

So here we go!

* robi_travels's unending supply of wine in the suite.

* Being bleukittie's Sherpa.

* Metal from the ceiling falling on Roberta and on Nin during the very first hour of the con. (How were the vids? We missed them during the whole accident report process)

* Our room smelling like a bar the entire time even though it was a non smoking room.

* beeej's TV Boyfriend and his elf ears.

* I want to watch Atlantis with evildrem all the time!

* Snuggling with pat_t in her frog jammies on the sofa.

* Thanks to Pat, Patty, Em, Katya, and the people I didn't know, for letting me hang out with them Sat. night in their suite. Even though I'm boring.

* Sparkley drinks!

* Trying to decide just which of them is the scariest John Barrowman fan.

* Meeting new folks like lferion (and the very nice lady she introduced me to, but I'm blanking on the name) , luscious_words, and Sean - an actual man type person!

* Hanging with my Central CA peeps! (none of whom are on LJ, believe it or not)

* Jon Cassar who is made of awesome, and as usual, was a delight to listen to. This is why I'm always talking about how cool he is!

* anya2112 and that bourbon bottle she kept stashed at the Dead Puppy party (weren't enough of us to qualify as Dead Dog)

* Talking to Peter at the mixer. We were the first table he came to and there were only five of us. He wasn't with his gofer and he chatted with us for quite a while. Wasn't expecting that at all. More than makes up for not being able to get a seat at any of the table at the mixer in Memphis [g]

* 11:30pm dinner reservations at Tao at the Venetian (They have freakin' canals in that place! With water and boats and everything!!) My stomach had no idea what was going on!

* Mary and Roberta before we left on Monday. They cracked us up. Hope you two had a good time!

* San Antonio in 2010!
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