Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

So, It's Monday

Having a kitten and an air mattress don't mix. I was able to patch the first two holes with gaffers tape, but yesterday, I ended up with a third leak that I can't find (I think it's under the edge on the floor somewhere) so when I woke up this morning, the outer air cylinder had almost totally deflated. Made for a very unsteady bed, and if I move too close to the edge, I'm likely to fall off entirely. So for safety's sake, I ordered a new one from Amazon. Just getting a twin this time, figuring that my queen sheets and blankets will offer extra insulation against little Mr. Stinky's claws! Yes, that's his nickname now, Mr. Stinky Norrington. And yes, he's a very stinky young man. In other kitten related news, I woke up on Sat. morning and as I got up noticed I'd been laying on one of his baby teeth. My first thought? "Tooth Fairy: You're Doing It Wrong!"

Yesterday, I did some more Mag7 icons, but need more to have enough worth posting. I have about 12 done so far, and boy, there's going to be a lot of Ezra ones in this batch! He sort of snuck up on me as I watched the entire series :) We ordered a pizza for dinner and watched TV, and that was about it.
Tags: furballs, now about me
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