Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Things I'm Wondering About

Random things I'm wondering about today as my brain leaps from one fic to another.

Would the stays in a corset deflect a knife so that instead of it stabbing where it was intended, it would go in at a different angle, potentially causing a less serious wound?

What was the most popular serious/hardcore recreational drug during the Roaring Twenties? Was opium still being used heavily?

What about the teeth of Immortals anyway? Would they never wear down? Would they grow back if knocked out, or are lots of Immies wearing dentures?

Early nineteenth pistols. Need to know more. Must look through collected websites soonish.

Just what did happen when Charlotte went to Bali with Tony? Will they ever tell me? Do I really want to know?

If Ezra Standish had to choose another name for a new persona, what would it be?

Later: Wow! I wasn't expecting so much random pondering help [g] And some of these aren't even for any specific purpose, just idle curiosity. Like the immie teeth one. Why am I wondering about it? Not a klew! I just am.
Tags: fic rambles, highlander, iron man, mag7, queen of swords

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