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Mamma Mia!

We went to see Mamma Mia! last night, and absolutely loved it! Even Nin liked it, and she went under protest :) I was telling ninjababe after I could so do the sing along version that's been released in some areas!! And they win for most fun end credit sequence. One of the best things, to me as a long time ABBA fan, was the inclusion of some of their lesser known songs, some of which are real favourites of mine. I've never been to Greece, but have always wanted to go, and seeing the movie just intensified that desire [g] And no, Pierce Brosnan can't sing worth a damn, but I think part of the appeal is that it isn't a slick glossy over produced musical. It's more like what you think it would sound like if regular people just happened to burst into song. So I think that worked. Definitely getting this on DVD when it comes out, and am more determined to try and catch the stage show in Vegas at some point.

Of course, now, I want to listen to ABBA! Unfortunately almost my entire collection is on LP, but I do have ABBA Gold on CD, already in iTunes, and I'm currently converting my four CD 'Thank You For the Music' compilation into iTunes as I type. I think the bulk of their stuff in included on those. One day, I need to recollect all the albums in CD.

And since I have nothing remotely resembling an ABBA icon, I'll use a Mag7 one just because!
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