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First Lines

Pillaged from lferion

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

01] Tony Stark hates those four words.

02] "He will return," Methos said softly.

03] The granite of the stairs was cool against Charlotte’s bare feet as she headed down to the living room from the guest wing.

04] The guy at the corner table screamed 'Fed' – black suit, black tie, white shirt.

05] “Miss Potts, come down here,” the voice of Tony Stark demanded through the intercom.

06] Charlotte stretched her arm out across the bed, not at all sure where she was.

07} “I’m really glad you’re here.” Strain and worry were evident in Pepper’s eyes.

08] “What a wonderful surprise! I’ll be here. See you in a bit.” Charlotte snapped her cell closed with a smile.

09] There was nothing like it; cruising along the California coast at twilight, the soft light of day’s end and night’s beginning caressing the horizon.

10] “If you want my advice, I’d hire Carrie Williams away from Seacrest Vineyards,” Charlotte told Duncan.

11] Pepper walked across the large living room, seeming not to notice her boss sitting on the sofa in front of the floor to ceiling windows that looked out onto the Pacific.

12] “Fishing? You fish?” Duncan MacLeod asked in disbelief.

13] “I give you five, no make that two, years before you’re bored silly and chuck it all for the big city,” Methos said, leaning against the granite countertop, a glass of red wine in one hand.

14] Absolutely not! she shouted in mental defiance as the familiar, yet unwanted sensation of crawling glass shards swept over her awareness.

15] Emily closed her eyes in the cool darkness, reminding herself she was a grown woman, a top rated surgeon, and not a teenaged lovesick girl.

16] Methos ran his lips over Triona’s bare shoulder, down across her collarbone, coming to rest at the hollow between her breasts.

17] “So why haven’t I ever heard you burst into song, Mac?” Methos asked Duncan with a wicked glint in his eye as they exited the theater.

18] “I assure you, Senorita Alvarado, that is a scientific impossibility.”

19] Methos had always believed that simple pleasures were best.

20] Methos felt his visitor before the knock on the door was heard, the sound of it resonating down the hall.

21] “Charlotte,” the man’s voice said softly from behind her. “I have done all I can. There is nothing left now but to make him comfortable.”

22] Methos, on that edge between sleep and wakefulness, drew the woman sleeping next to him on the bed closer.

23] Duncan eyed the now empty bottle of scotch somewhat mournfully.

24] “You were wearing a green dress.”

25] Methos poured himself a cup of coffee before joining Duncan MacLeod in front of the crackling campfire.

Pattern? I seem to start with dialogue quite a bit, and with Methos!
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