Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Atlantis : The Shrine

We saw it Monday night, but I feel like I missed something...

Both ninjababe and I had the same reaction at the end, when Rodney says he loves Keller: Did we miss something??? Where did that come from? I thought she and Ronon were sweet on each other? Huh?

That about sums it up [g] Now for me, Atlantis is, as I've mentioned to em_kellesvig a few times, a totally ship neutral show for me. There's isn't a single thing in the show to ping my admittedly underdeveloped ship muscle, but I would have thought I'd have picked up something! And since it wasn't just me, but Nin too, I figured I'd toss it out there.

Other than that though, I thought it was a very strong episode, and really let DH shine as an actor as well as being an excellent ensemble piece. Very well done.
Tags: atlantis
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