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I came home early since I was feeling kinda funky. Just waiting for Nin to come home now. In happier news, we spent the weekend at tequilajen's and one of the things we did was watch the DVDs from last year's VividCon. It was a lot of fun! We also watched a bunch of the 'After Hours' DC/Marvel vids on YouTube, and a handful of firefly eppies. And I got my birthday pressie -- I now possess the entire series DVD set of 'Slings & Arrows'!! Wooot! I also got an excellent shirt with a gold foil dragon on it. I've admired Jen's for the last year or so, and she's been trying to find one for me, but could never find a S or XS. She scored an XS, and now it's mine!

Someone's having a BBQ, and the scent of lighter fuel and charcoal just flooded the room through the open kitchen window. Blech!!! Today, and the next few days, are supposed to be really nice and peopel are getting their BBQ fix in before the fog rolls in again. We're going to have Panda Express for dinner though. We'll try and catch up with some of the stuff on the DVR.
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