Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Seasonal Writing Roundup

Since we're coming up on Labour Day, and the summer season is almost over, here's my list of the fic I've written over the last few months.

First off, my big accomplishment: finally finishing I Remember You Not Fondly! Probably the hardest thing I've ever written, and the longest story I've written in something like ten years. I really felt a sense of accomplishment in completing it.

As for what else I wrote? I guess this summer was the season of the shiny new fandom knocking me down and taking over my brain. Thank you, Tony Stark!

Of Ninjas and High Heels
I Am Going To The West (WIP)
Practical Applications
Real Friends Buy You In-N-Out
Tequila Lullaby
The Currency Of Trust
Art Appreciation
Black Isn't My Colour
My Guardian Dear
Four Words

Tags: burn notice, fic, fic: forever knight, fic: highlander, fic: iron man, fic: pirates of the caribbean

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