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I'm making a Spanish potato and egg tortilla for dinner. I hope it's good. It was a recipe I found in the newest Food & Wine magazine that was part of an article about a show on PBS with Gwenyth Paltrow, Mario Batalli and some other guy as they eat their way across Spain.

I hadn't planned on watching the Olympics, but I've been reading that the opening ceremonies were actually pretty good, so I guess I'll check it out. But after it's been recording for an hour on the DVR! I seem to recall that there more adverts than Olympics during the broadcasts. And last time, I didn't have a DVR!

Nin's home tonight, so she can keep me company while I cook, which is always nice. Speaking of Nin, she just sent me a Twitter asking me if I want a Mushabelly Kitty [sigh] I swear, I'm addicted to the things! I already have a pink and purple lion and a robin that I adore. Nin has a dog, and we share the giant penguin. We gave a small penguin to tequilajen and a white and blue lion to my mum.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, random

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