Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

No Dice

Still PCless. My boss is on the process of scanning and pulling off the data from my old HD, and put a new HD on the PC and reinstalled Windows. So we took the PC home last night so we could get started reloading software. Oh, if only! First off, our DSL was installed by the phone company when we moved in, so of course, they didn't leave behind the software for the modem portal. So the DSL wouldn't work. We decided that we didn't want to wait a week to ten days to get ATT out here to do it, and to have to pay them for the privilege, so Nin went to the Buy More Best Buy to buy a new DSL modem. This actually turned out to be a cool thing, because it has ports for several computers AND a wireless thingie!! Finally, we can have the laptop on the DSL too! No more having to share the internet. But that was the only bright spot. Nin worked on it all last night and till she went to work this afternoon, but we keep getting cascading failures every time we try and update drivers or XP. So we're going to have to haul it back to work on Monday and see what can be done. Nothing is ever simple.
Tags: ranty mcrant

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