Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

I Think

I think we're going to go see Hell Boy after work tomorrow. It was either that or Dark Knight, but DK would have been full price due to it showing after 6pm, and I hate paying full price for a movie unless it's something I'm really looking forward to seeing in advance. So Dark Knight will be the week after at some point. What I really want to see Mama Mia. And since we only have one movie theater here, we need to work these in fairly quickly before they leave. And I think that's it for the summer movie season.

I haven't read many spoilers for DK, but it seems most of the reaction is based around Heath Ledger and it being his last movie. If you don't really know much about him, and aren't really aware of him going in, does the movie stand up aside from that and is it enjoyable? I'm just wondering at this point if it might be better to wait for it on PPV or the DVD.
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