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Crossover of DOOM!

tequilajen, she who is responsible for the whole Burn Notice/Iron Man thing, sent this to an email list we're both on for my birthday. She's given me permission to share it publicly [g]

::tosses in some massive margaritas and some fanfic ideas to go with them::


Tony and Fiona go on a double date with Michael and Six. (Er, whatever
her name is in Miami.) Tony recognizes Six from watching porn videos
on his private jet. What to do, what to do.

Six realizes that Tony recognizes her and kidnaps him, planning a wild
night of pole dancing with Tony and Deanna, only to have Deanna
recognize Tony from the Opera House as the Final Cylon model. Much sex
still ensues, but they're more respectful while doing it. :P

Baltar sees Tony and gets all envious of his fancy suit. Nothing much
happens 'cause he's a wuss, but he looks good all angsty so there you

Starbuck shows up, kicks Tony's ass, then steals the suit. She takes
it home and paints weird designs on it that won't make any sense until
the series finale.

Apollo shows up and is squished to death when Starbuck "accidentally"
lands on him while wearing the suit. The average acting ability score
on Battlestar immediately rises by 100 points.

Methos leans back on his bar stool, thinks about how all of this
reminds him of his days in Ancient Rome, then he goes out to buy some

Picard picks up Methos at Wal*Mart and the two of them hitch a ride
with the Doctor away from all this chaos and borderline-insane chicks
in heavy, paint and blood spattered suits. The Doctor stops just long
enough to pick up Jarvis, who becomes his new companion and helps him
with his limited fashion sense. They repaint the Tardis hot rod red
and gold, which immediately attracts Captain Jack.

They stop saving the world and instead take the Tardis to all the best
night clubs throughout the galaxy, becoming the envy of all other
wannabe playboys, especially when they whip out that sonic screwdriver.

And on that note...

Happy Birthday!!

And speaking of Iron Man, I just went and subscribed to the comic. I blame certain people for this pathetic descent into utter fangirl doom, just so you know!

IMAMB (Iron Man Ate My Brain)
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