Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Am Tired

Got woken up at 3am this morning by the sound of rain -- inside. Got up to investigate, heard it coming from the furnace/hot water heater room which shares a wall with my bedroom. Open door, met by much water coming down through the hole in the ceiling where the exhaust pipes run. By this point, Nin has woken up. We get buckets and bowls to try and catch the water. Call landlord, who was actually still up. She calls the people upstairs. About an hour later, the plumber arrives. Much banging and crashing ensues. Then silence. He leaves. No more indoor rainfall. I start to fall asleep. Phone rings. Get up again. It's the landlord telling me the problem has been fixed. [sigh] Go back to bed. Can't sleep. Call work, leave message I'll be in a few hours late. Try and sleep. Have crack dreams that tire me out even more. One I remember was showing up at the hotel in Vegas for the PWFC thing to find it's an old 50s casino and that our room is through a door in the casino and we have to use the public bathrooms because the room doesn't have one and there are no curtains on the windows. It got weirder from there.

Want a nap.
Tags: ranty mcrant
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