Ith (ithildyn) wrote,


Another smoky morning and as a result I started choking and coughing all at the same time, which in turn pinged my back. I felt it pop. It hurts now.

I'm on parakeet watch. Got to work and there was a parakeet flying around. I almost got him, but I wasn't quite tall enough to reach. I've put out a bowl of water in hopes he'll come down. Assuming I ever see him again.

Rewrote a few bits of part two of 'Currency of Trust' and sent it off to strangevisitor7 to see if the sections that were confusing before are less so know. If so, I hope to post at some point this weekend. Hopefully I can get close to finishing part three tonight. Nin works, so I'll have the PC.

Getting my hair cut tomorrow as a birthday present to myself. Hopefully I'll feel less like a shaggy dog afterwards.
Tags: random, random fic stuff
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