Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang & Other Stuff

We watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang last night, and I think I'll have to sit down and watch it again at some point. I had to leave the room quite a few times to do things in the kitchen and check on the cat, so I missed the thread of the story in several places. I will say that the scene where the actor in the robot superhero suit breaks into the girl's apartment struck my funny bone. Hopefully, that's not RDJr in the future [g] We also watched Doctor Who, a batch of Burn Notice eps from last season to refresh our memories before the new season starts, and Monsters Inc.. So yes, all we did was watch TV and eat. Go us!

ninjababe works till 530pm, so I think I'll open up 'The Currency of Trust' and see if I can at least finish the big angsty fight scene, which will finish that segment of the story. Hopefully, Tony's in a remorseful mood, because he's been a real jerk. Then I need to make dinner.
Tags: fic rambles, friends, movies

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