Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Me Too

So here's my take on the DW finale...

First Martha, then Donna! No more getting attached to companions for me. And I think it was a rathwer crap way of treating Donna at that. At least Martha got a life after the Doctor.

We watched with our house guests, and there was a simultaneous groan from the three women in the room when Bad Wolf Bay flashed up, and even louder groans as the scene unfolded. But hopefully this means we're done with Rose. Or at least done with the Doctor pining over Rose. One can only hope.

There was also a group reaction to the Doctor continuing to angst over the destruction of the Daleks. Enough already!!!

I knew they were going to 'cheat' with the regeneration.

I think I liked last week's better.
Tags: doctor who

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