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There are two major fires south of us, and today, all you can smell is smoke. You alwats feel like you're on the verge of sneezing. I'm assuming the heavy fog of the last two days is holding the smoke over us.

And guess what? My tooth is hurting again! Yep, the very one that has had two root canals done on it. I realized today that the tooth coloured filling stuff is gone and the metal is exposed. Now I'm wondering if that's connected with the pain? Will have to call tomorrow. So really tired of this!

Waiting to go to lunch, looking forward to the break, even if it just sitting up in the loft in my file room for an hour.

Oh, I did finish the first Womens Murder Club book. Totally forgot to mention it. I liked it a lot more once I got to the end. Have decided that it and the TV show were AUs of each other [g] I may try out the second one. Currently reading 'The Virgin's Lover', which has been on my bookshelf for a few years. I really don't like the authour's portrayal of Elizabeth. But I'm almost done. Will probably read the next Sano Ichiro novel I have, 'The Perfumed Sleeve' after I'm done.
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