Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Firefox 3

I did the upgrade on Saturday, which did not go smoothly. Initially it did, then something went wonky and I had to do a system reset, but even that didn't help. Started all over again. Second time it seems to all gel and I got all my add-ons working. Then had a problem with the themes page not recognizing the upgrade. And I needed a decent theme! GAH! I hate the default, plus U like dark themes. Left a question on the forum and it was suggested I disable Java script, download, then drag the .jar file to the open application window. That worked. There aren't a whole lot of FF3 compatible themes out there yet, but there was one dark one that was based around a space shuttle night launch.

I also finally ordered a new keyboard. A wireless one via a link for $12. It's basically a newer version of the Logitech keyboard I have now. But that one id seven odd years old and is very grungy. And this new one is black! It also comes with a mouse, which I have no use for, but for $12, I don't really care!

I only got a little writing done last night. But the sequel to 'Tequila Lullaby' is nearly 1500 words now, so I guess I'm getting somewhere, albeit very slowly. I think I find Pepper harder to get a fix on than Tony, and that's what's holding me up.

Sundays in the summer are a heavy TV night I'm realizing. There was Design Star, The Next Food Network Star, and Army Wives. Once I was done with those, it was nearly bedtime.
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