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It's 80 in the living room currently. And of course, the cat insists on trying to sit on my lap. Silly Kitteh! seems most of the neighbours are having patio barbecue parties. Must be nice to actually know people locally [g] Watching some Enterprise eppies off the DVR, have opened Word, and am pretty much just putzing around the internet.

Tomorrow, we're going to one of our favourite places at the mall for dinner. Our mall was bought out by some upscale mall company from SoCal, and have been kicking out all our fave stores and eateries in their attempt to 'upscale' us. Apparently we can't do without a Pottery Barn and a Williams-Sonoma. The latest victim is El Indio. They've been there for over twenty years, but as of July 26, they'll be gone. So we're going to go have fajitas and margaritas and then go see Iron Man -- I hear it's not bad [g]
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