Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Iron Man Comics Question

For those of you who know the comics, and assuming future movies may utilize characters from those comics, I have a question. Tony's household staff. He has a mansion, so obviously he must have a housekeeper/cook/some combo. I think Nin told me that in the comics, Jarvis is an actual person? If so, he may be part of that combo. So, the question: are there such characters and what are their names? If not, Tony's getting a housekeeper from me [g] She has a name and a history, and now just need to know if she gets to keep her job!

On the writing front, I got about 700 words done on the 'chocolate chip waffles' story last night. Then my mum called, and I lost my momentum.

Later the Same Day: I'm endlessly amused by the fact that we're actually discussing Tony's possible household staffing arrangements. I love being excited over a fandom again!
Tags: iron man
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