Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

Random Thoughts on Methos & Tony

Pondering the dynamics for fic, and reading all the awesome discussion going on at amonitrate's. So some random thoughts, sort of 'thinking out loud'.

I think Tony is Charlotte's Byron. Obviously it's not totally analogous, but I think there are some definite similarities between her relationship with Tony and Methos' with Byron. Tony is called 'the De Vinci of our age'. He's a 'rock star' even before he becomes Iron Man. A genius with questionable morals. Despite his failings, the people who love him do so despite his shortcomings.

I think Methos will realize that Tony reminds Charlotte of Jack Sparrow, her late husband. I think there are similarities between the two characters, don't know about anyone else [g]

Being close to Tony paints a big target on the backs of people close to him now he's publicly known as Iron Man.

Methos would have been happier with the old Tony, not the new one with a mission to save the world. Men like that get people killed, and he doesn't want Charlotte to be one of those people.

Tony and Methos. Two incredibly strong personalities, intelligent, don't always play well with others or share well. And the snark... Gah!
Tags: fic rambles, methos, tony stark
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