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Decided to keep it simple tonight and have spaghetti. Tomorrow, I'll make chicken with portabella blue cheese sauce, which I haven't made in a while. Got some of the stuff put away and got the dishwasher loaded.

I've finally figured out how to start the sequel to 'Practical Applications'. That's what was holding me up, since I knew what happened after Methos and Charlotte have their big fight. Well, mostly :) Though I am wondering about something, but I can't ask for opinions, since it would be a spoiler. I'll figure it out at some point. It's one of those 'on the one hand' things I'm dithering over.

Now this is odd! It was featured in an email advert I got from Sephora. Speaking of which, those two red lip colours I got? The names are Scandal and Cruella!

Oh, and Nin got me a surprise pressie when we were in Virginia City, a CD by David John and the Comstock Cowboys, which is an area band. I got one of their CDs a few years back and really enjoyed it.
Tags: a shortcut to mushrooms, fic rambles, music box

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