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I think it's safe to say I'm not going to be catching up on four days of LJ, so if you posted something I need to see, drop me a link.

Peter on Men In Trees tonight!

Wow! So many comments on Practical Applications!! I have lots of comment replying to catch up on! One thing I got a lot done of was verbally and mentally plotting out the sequel Tony didn't shut up for days, and I amused Nin while she was driving with his antics, and I filled her in on much of Charlotte's back story. And she helped me hash out some details. Good thing she loves spoilers :)

dejla is finally posting Simple Gifts! I've been waiting something like a year to tell you that. I've had the privilege over the last few months of reading the story in progress, and read the whole thing over about two weeks ago. Now, it's public! This is a wonderful story, and you should go read it! [g]

For a while now, I've been wanting a shade of red lipstick for evening going out type wear (yeah, I never go out, but there is Vegas coming up) But I never know what shade is good with my vampire complexion :) Before we took robi_travels to the airport, we went to a newish mall for lunch and shopping. They had a Sephora, and it was quiet, so one of the sales associates set me up.

I am a ghost magnet. The house we were in wasn't supposed to be specifically haunted, but sure enough, there was a ghost that spent Sunday night in my bathroom. I kept hearing the toilet paper roll moving and all through out stay there, the toilet seat cover would be up when we'd left it down. On Monday, I wanted to get some sleep, so I had a talk with whatever was in there, and would you believe it, he was quiet through the night!

Roberta has now been initiated into the cult of the Tri Tip [g] And we took her to a Sonic, though it was one in gas station, not a real one.

We had beautiful weather. A little breezy on the cool side, but bright and sunny the entire time. The catamaran cruise was awesome and I could have spent all day out there. And this was the first time I'd ever seen Emerald Bay. All the photos don't do it justice.

I'm pretty sure I did too much shopping, but I did have fun! There was a porcelain/stoneware studio next to our guest house, and I was able to get some lovely pieces at dirt cheap prices.

Missed y'all [HUGS F'LIST]
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