Ith (ithildyn) wrote,

A Little Trip

We're heading out of town today through Tuesday. Have a friend coming in to stay with the kitty. Hopefully, I won't be in dental agony like I was last time. Picking robi_travels up at the Sacratomato Sacramento airport around 1pm, so we hope to be out of here by 10am. Then we're giving her the grand tour of the Sierra Nevada :) We will introduce her to Sonic and try and sign her on to the Free Phil! campaign. And we're going to try and take her to Iron Man. I think I can suffer through a third viewing [weg]

Thanks to everyone who has left comments on 'Practical Applications'. I probably won't get a chance to reply to them all before I get back, but wanted you to know how much I appreciate them! I'll try and ponder a sequel while I'm away, though there will be no writing [g]

See you next week!
Tags: free phil!, friends, travel

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