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They're remaking 'Survivors', probably one of my all time favourite TV shows! And it looks like Freema Agyeman is going to be starring. And yes, I'm happy about a remake [g] It's a premise that will lend itself very well to being reset in the present. In fact, Terry Nation had planned to do an American version of the show -- basically, the same plague, but focusing on survivors in North America. He'd talked about it a con I met him at... well, decades ago!

I've always thought 'Survivors' was a little gem of a show that never got the attention it deserved. Granted the subject matter is crushingly depressing, not to mention frightening, but what great TV it was. I think Freema will make a terrific Jenny. I've always wanted to get it on DVD, but it's never been available here, and the Region Two DVDs are very pricey. Maybe they'll reair the original now there's a remake!

[does happy dance]
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