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We're Walking, and We're Walking....

I've been walking to work the last few weeks, and it really is very conducive to writing. Well, it's conducive to mental writing at least! Stories just sort of unreel in my mind as I'm walking, and I really wish there was someway way to transfer that as it was happening. I just hope I remember all the great dialogue when it comes time to actually write it!

This morning, a scene in one of the stories I'm working in, that takes place in a video store, fleshed out some. Now I'm trying to decide on a movie Methos would really hate. It's a humorous scene (one hopes!). I have a couple of thoughts as to what they might be and why. The two leading contenders: Camelot and Gladiator. I have a few others in mind, but those two are current favourites :) Any other suggestions, and a reason why if you're feeling like putting that much thought into it, are more than welcome!

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