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Crystal Skull

I realized I never did an actual post about the Indiana Jones movie. So here be it!

The opening sequence was silly, even for an Indy flick. The atom bomb and the fridge [shakes head]

Why did Mutt and Indy go back to Indy's house after being chased all over town by the KGB?

Ugh!! Man eating ants! But it was nice they sent Indy's hat back for the wedding [weg]

Okay, aliens. Spielberg wanting to revisit CEOTTK and ET no doubt [g]

Hey! That was my plot device from 'I Remember You Not Fondly'!! Interdimensional alien device created to seek out knowledge. Pffft! I should be writing movies [g]

Way back when details of the movie came out, I said that if they went for the cliche of making the kid the long lost son Indy never knew he had, I would scream. So yes, there was screaming. I mean, come on! And it's sad too. Indy was denied seeing his son grow up, Mutt was denied having a father growing up. What a cheat that was.

Who else was expecting piranhas at some point?

Twenty years late, but at least they finally got married!

I'm not sure if it was on purpose, or coincidence, but Indy seemed to have a lot of the mannerisms/personality of his father in the beginning of the movie.

I liked how the kid kept combing his hair.

Cate Blanchett was interesting, especially with the hair colour.

Overall, I enjoyed it, especially when I was afraid it was going to be a train wreck like the recent batch of Star Wars movies. It was better than Temple of Doom, other than the opening sequence I'll definitely get the DVD when it comes out.
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